Monday, March 22, 2010


CLICK ON "PEACE MARCH" in title to see a slide show.
Soon after the time (10:34 a.m.) when the year turned to Spring Equinox, there was a Peace March in San Francisco. It will be clear from my photos that I was mostly following the course of friends through the march. Demonstrations now seem to be in the trough between two waves. The wars should still be the most terrible business that concerns us, but it is difficult to counter the fact that war has become everyday business for U.S.Americans (mostly representing jobs for young people unable to find work). Instead of a Peace March (I tend to type "Peach March," and wish the day would come when we would gather for a "Peach March), we should call it a Day For All Protests, and in some ways it may be good to bundle the large number of terrible problems and parade them as reminders through the streets. There were signs for every problem -- unfair incarcerations; protests against capital punishment; need for jobs -- perhaps only half of the picket signs referred to war.

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