Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photos added to LAKE TAHOE IN WINTER

Click on title above if you want to see an expanded slide show of pre-digital photos of Lake Tahoe in Winter, when a group of us, renting a house for a few days, found our selves blessed with snowy beauty (Fred G., Paul H., Bob M., James D.)
Along with the photos I wrote a verse-- that I keep re-writing...(below):

Lake Tahoe, Winter

The sleeping bear of winter snores where
water rolls the stones along the shore.
The seagulls and the mallards bounce
on waves, hoping to get the score –
“Where is my morsel?” “What is my fate?”

The slow white bullets of snow drill
the trees, water, and earth with deadly cold.
The lake grinds its pebbled teeth. It’s a thrill
to stand in the breath of the bear, feeling bold.
Yet where is my morsel? What, my fate?

- "Lake Tahoe, Winter" - James McColley Eilers, Copyright March 2010

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