Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mame and Lloyd McColley

My maternal grandparents -- Wedding photo of "Mame" Marie/Mary Adelia Miller with Lloyd Allen McColley, side by side with a photo of them after a life of considerable challenges, hard labors, losses...

 The slender young woman at the left side of the photos above is the large central figure in the photo below, flanked by 7 of her 8 daughters.  Three of her sons are elsewhere, a fourth having died in infancy. 

The Death of Great Uncle Walter

An incident nine years before my birth.
Click on each of the two sections to enlarge and make easier to read.  Did Walter, Jr., do the right thing?

McColley Family Postcards to Each Other, 1905-1909

Sunday, December 14, 2014

P.S. to Keith Haring

Seeing the latest entry on this blog, Michael Loomis (who, with Phil Diaz, lives outside Santa Fe Mexico) responded, with some photos he had taken:
Thanks for the Haring photos, Jim. While walking in NYC in September I came upon this mural beside a city pool.  It's maintained by a special organization & had just been repainted.  I would have loved to see this show in SF.  Best, Michael