Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Pride Day, 30 June 2013

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Created some good slide shows with music, but, since I last tried to share something like that, every service on the Internet has changed formats, and I don't have time to learn new routines that will soon be sabotaged again by the Internet powers that be.

After the conflict with the San Francisco Pride Committee, which felt that supporting Bradley Manning is empty symbolism (never mind his and others' horror at the crimes of the U.S. military empire),  the Pride Committee made the Bradley Manning contingent the second to last in the pride parade, so that we had to wait many many, many hours to join the parade, the number of parade viewers greatly diminished.  
The final contingent, behind us, were the black-leather-suited S&M crowd cracking their whips as if at the asses of radical rebel gays, as if to warn us to remain silent and invisible.  
It reminded me of the days when a wonderful bunch of men began to speak of something we called "Gay Liberation" -- and were laughed at and derided by the majority gay community, but managed to get that idea and that phrase into the air --  "Gay Liberation" -- even though the majority gay community found it laughable -- until the gays at Stonewall rebelled and took that key from the air, shouting "Gay Liberation!"   The concept of gay liberation was needed before the actualization of liberation could begin.  
This conflict with those eager to conform, and afraid of Thoreau,  over those intent on helping brave Bradley Manning has given me final resignation about intelligent, awakened people always being a minority, whether in the majority or within a minority -- But then when did was it ever feel otherwise?  Fortunate are those who have hermitage and harbor.  Here are some photos of my people, the mavericks:

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