Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Advice to Urban Youth - New Letter to the Oakland Tribune

I might wish they had chosen a different header line instead of "Must run away from the violent lifestyle" when the main message is "Run away from the police and you are apt to get shot."

This will do little to alter the tragedy of Bay Area cities [American cities], but

 I wish the young men of our territory [country] would memorize this primitive rhyme:
No matter what you have done,
Don’t run from the man with the gun.
They will shoot you whether you feel guilty or innocent.  They will shoot you whether they feel guilty or innocent.  While they think they stand for Law and Order when the man with a gun sees someone run, instinct and training (and his own fear of guns) turns him into a hunter or a leopard.  To run from the man with the gun excites his killer instincts.
 Secondly, no matter how many songs, videos, and movies show you otherwise, it is not romantic and beautiful to die in a hail of gunfire.  Don’t be tricked into thinking such a gunfight makes you a warrior hero.  You are just providing entertainment for middle class couch potatoes who are addicted to cop shows and their own violent urges.  It’s not even “real life,” as advertised.  A better defense is to carry a book – preferably one you are actually reading.

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