Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lit Crawl: Poetry Reading in a Barber Shop

I went on and met Lloyd Stensrud at the poetry being read in a barber shop:

And this one in the blue vest, quick and nervous, joked wryly that he had just broken up with his lover the night before after finding a stranger's sweater in his closet.  He handed out copies of a haiku he had just written, printed large on newsprint:

Whose SWEATER in this
in my TANSU?  I'll WEAR
the HIDE of my RIVAL.

Printed after the haiku -- his identity, I guess:  "A. Demcak, Poet & Novelist, Cultural Lacky - D.Six"  [See his remarks in the Comments section.]

Those who looked in at the windows may have been wandering from place to place on this "Lit Crawl" evening, or may just have been the Saturday evening crowd on Valencia Street.

A man Lloyd identified as "Baruch" was energetically poetic and very entertaining:


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Andrew Demcak said...

Hi - Thanks, it was me, Andrew Demcak, poet, in the blue vest! Glad you enjoyed the show!