Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lit Crawl, 13 October 2012, at Muddy Waters Cafe

On 13 October 2012, I was recently returned from a trip to Indiana, still thinking about that, but, also, now that I live in Oakland, I have difficulty keeping up with what is going on in San Francisco.  But it is the period of Lit Quake where many writers read around the city, and I guess Saturday, 13 October, was the climax, called Lit Crawl, where poets were reading literally everywhere, not just coffee shops, but, as I discovered, in junk stores, bars, and a barber shop.
Lloyd Stensrud wanted me to meet up with him where gay poets would be reading in a barber shop, but it seemed, as I walked along, that almost every place on Valencia Street had poets reading, even in Balmy Alley.  On the way, I dropped in for a coffee at Muddy Waters Cafe, and discovered another reading there that was also connected with the latest release of a magazine called Ambush Review.  There were familiar faces there, but I was too late to hear more than three poets, the last one being former poet laureate of San Francisco, Jack Hirschman:

Jack Hirschman

Sharon Coleman

Angelos Sakkis

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