Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Verse by Victor Gonzalez Perez (AKA Victor Gonzalez)

Victor Gonzalez Perez was born in Aibonito, Puerto Rico.  His parents immigrated to San Francisco, California when he was a child.  His family later moved to Brooklyn, New York. From New York they moved back to Puerto Rico, and then back to San Francisco, California where he spent the major part of his life. He is now retired and resides permanently in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He wrote this verse in San Francisco in 1971.
Right Now Boxed Into Walls
      by Victor Gonzalez Perez

                 A thin veil bars
                 -- mine and theirs -- 
                 And yet miniscule glimpses
                 -- eyes blinking
                 Gasping for an answer beyond now.

                 Recuerdos (memories)

                 Upon the tiny plaza where
                 sleep the dead heroes
                 the fountain stands
                 eternal vigil.

                 Fire tree leaves
                 -- el flamboyan --
                carpet the promenade
                a lovers' nest.

                Recuerdos (memories)

red faced roofs and balconies like embroidered
mouths where grandma sat on her sugarcane
throne counting the seasons
her eyes of spanish tiles watching green mountains
dangling from the clouds
while the tiny insect troubadors lulled the night
to sleep in its satin hammock

                Ahora (& now)

                The day swallows
                the rainbow garden's
                frail butterfly

                The arch of thorns
                crumbles on its halo
                -- and you and i struggle on
                perched on the brink
                of yesterdays.

                               [November 1971]

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