Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exploring the Megalithic Newgrange Ireland Spirals

Anyone who loves spirals might feel there is something "sacred" about the megalithic tri-spirals of Newgrange, Ireland. While spirals may symbolize many things, my immediate impression is that someone wanted to carve in stone the image of swirling currents of water. One might imagine them to be the beginning of those intricate knots found in the illuminated manuscripts of Irish monks. I decided to clarify the nature of these spirals that predate the arrival of the Celts by 2500 years. For more information on Newgrange, see -- To see my tracing of the spirals, showing their interplay with various color schemes, click on the title above, "Exploring the Megalithic Newgrange Ireland Spirals."


Elyn Aviva said...

mmm yes--water sworls, fingerprints, invisible (to us) spirals of energy emanating from the stones. Enjoyed your colorized versions!

Elyn Aviva said...

mmmm. Nice. Water. Or swirls of edying energy emanating from the stones. Who knows. Nice colorized versions! Elyn