Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Efflorescence

Sometimes I like to repeat my line for what you say when you think of standing at the edge of the universe:

If Big Bang Begot the World, What Begat Big Bang?

I guess I just like the B-b-b-baby sounds.

But why "The Big Bang"? Was someone there to hear such a sound? Any sound? So why describe it in terms of a sound?
Just some male choosing a word that sounds like a gun shot or describes his way of making love?

I think we should call it, rather, The Efflorescence, or The Great Efflorescence, or the Original Efflorescence.

Both the Jewish carpenter from Nazareth and the Indian prince who became known as The Buddha in the their distant, separate distant places had a parable about the mustard seed.
In whatever other way they or you may wish to interpret the metaphor, it is about how a giant tree may spring from something extremely small, a seed that is even more small than most seeds -- rather like that tiny first moment which exploded into this slow motion efflorescence we are living in.

This collage is just an idea for, not the portrait we need, to celebrate The Great Efflorescence.

1 comment:

Elyn Aviva said...

yes indeed--a flowering forth, a flourishing fertile blossoming from a seed moment, a seed sound.... much better than a slam bang explosion ripping open the universe....