Monday, August 31, 2009

A Perfect Nugget of Ignorance

In response to the entry (quite a while ago) where I showed the votive candle on which someone had placed Obama's head on the body of St. Martin de Porres (a charming bit of whimsy), I got this comment from Anonymous (Anonymous may not have a sense of whimsy). Wonderful to have such a perfect nugget of ignorance, although I do agree that we should give the country back to the original inhabitants (more about that below).

"From: Anonymous
Date: August 31, 2009 12:36:05 AM PDT
Subject: [The Blue Elephant] New comment on Saint Obama.

"I think that is totally out of hand stupidity! He's more like the anti-christ and is fooling everyone...he's about to turn this nation into Socialist Country and his face is everywhere and didn't do a thing about anything except give his banker friends our money! Give the nation back to the American Indians before the Latinos and Jews destroy it! Long Live the Truth!"

Hey! Anonymous left out gay people! I wonder if the anti-Socialist Anonymous realizes that the original people on the continent assumed that the earth belonged to itself. Those who nearly decimated them felt the earth should be parceled out and owned, and it is ironic that it is they who suffer a sense of rootlessness. As their sense that their portions of the earth were not true places on the earth, real as dirt and grass, but "liquid assets," they too became liquid assets, and thus their mad vision spreads its disconnection from reality (otherwise called "the environment") A mad vision -- Save us, Tecumseh!

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Anonymous said...

I was looking at you blog and saw a post with dancing elephants 2007
could you tell me the artist ?

Thanks M