Sunday, August 23, 2009

Event Honoring LGBT Pioneers

CLICK ON HEADING ABOVE to see slide show. At the San Francisco LGBT Center, on Saturday, 22 August, LGBT Seniors were honored. On the slide show you will find a few of those honored and featured: State Senator Mark Leno, State Assembly member Tom Ammiano, Felicia Elizondo, decades-long political leader Howard Wallace, Janaki Tompkins from New Leafe, Lorraine Hunter, Heather Lamborn, and others.

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Cameron said...

Oh, how wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing this! Sometimes the GBTTQ culture seems so youth obsessed - well, so does the whole of America, so... - it is a moment of grace to see age and wisdom honored here. Beautiful pictures and real faces! People that have lived real lives and a lot of those lives have been long difficult journeys. These pictures show the transcendance and the victory of those journeys! I live in the Bible Belt south, and we see NOTHING like this here. You give me hope with these images! Thank you!