Friday, February 29, 2008

Harvey Milk Memorial, Washington, D.C.

I guess there were suggestions that a memorial to Harvey Milk be built in Washington, D.C. I don't know if anything has come of that. Yet my friend Robert Minichiello came up with plans for one that I have just uncovered -- as I will probably be uncovering things by him for years...

As it reads on the plans: "Exterior Frieze of Metal Letters: FRIEND, I AM NEITHER MAN NOR WOMAN, I AM LOVE THAT IS MORE THAN WORDS." - Paul Claudel, 2nd Ode.

" open-air pavilion from which both nature and history can be contemplated..."

"The columns made of green-colored stone such as granite or serpentine marble, sitting on a floor of polished blue-black granite, and supporting a frieze and cap of bronze, structured steel pipe and ring-beam, and a reinforced concrete foundation..."

"An Interior Frieze of Bronze Panels: Six Scenes from a History of the Struggle for Individual Rights," depicting (1) Rosa Parks Rides in the Front of the Bus; (2) 1965 Voting Rights Act Signed; (3) Martin Luther King and the Washington D.C. Rally: We Shall Overcome; (4) Harvey Milk Elected First Gay Supervisor; (5) Dianne Feinstein Tells Press of Double Murders; (6) Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day, Autumn 1987, Washington.

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