Friday, November 16, 2007

"At Gregg's Place" -- Thank you, Gregg Biggs

A revelation to me, Gregg Biggs has added the 8-minute video/slideshow I made after cat-sitting for him to his blog. I am surprised that this can be done -- and Gregg has such a large audience for his blog that I have already received a message from someone in Ohio. What fun! Thanks, Gregg.


kimy said...

purrrr - hope you don't mind I added your blog to my 'blogroll' sometimes the only way for me to remember to visit favorite places, so many blogs out there, so little time!

the photographic effects in the video are incredible, I need a tutorial that's for sure.

glad you posted it on your blog so your readers can see it too!

The Blue Elephant said...

Looking at this a few years later, I realize that it is very boring -- I was still experimenting with Photoshop -- although the music is good.