Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Early Works of My Falling Friend, Robert Minichiello

I have so much of Robert Minichiello around my house -- and I imagine I have a lot in storage or in unopened boxes in my closets that I won't see again until the next time I move. I especially remember some sketches he made of animals that I loved. Appropriate that he is currently reading NATURE'S ENGRAVER: A LIFE OF THOMAS BEWICK by Jenny Uglow.

Fort Funston:

The American War in Vietnam:

Details of The American War in Vietnam:

A sketch of Chartres Cathedral from an unconventional point of view:

Would that Robert had been as happy his entire life as he was when he returned from his scholarship in Italy, and travel in Europe, and showed us his many drawings. I think he said this church was associated with the John who wrote the Apocalypse of the Christian Bible:


sfwillie said...

Very nice post, Jim. You and Bob are visionaries.

Junk Thief said...

Nice shots, and none are obviously from the same artist.