Friday, September 14, 2007

Brave Hoosier

So many stories like this one....The thousands of military personnel resisting service in Iraq, going to Canada, etc., and organized against the war. When the soldiers refuse to be used in that war, that war will end. And then, just as people objected to the in-your-face tactics of Act-Up which finally brought funding for AIDS patients, Code Pink is fighting the fight that all U.S.Americans should be fighting. It is a good sign that those on the side of death are cursing those on the side of life. I hope Code Pink and MoveOn.Org know that personal insults from President Bush are a great sign of progress. As Roger Alvarez said once, "If enough of us little fleas bite the dog, the dog will get up and move." Not that "the little fleas" are not the true American heroes. Here's a little portrait of one of them, discovered on the website of a war resistance group in Indiana - a real hero, someone who understands what "democracy" is supposed to be (perhaps the following would have to be copied and pasted to your search engine):

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