Friday, June 15, 2007

Nature or Artifice?

While looking after Paul Harmon’s cat, Tu Fu, I found Paul's front window to be a painting by Henri Rousseau – nature as artifice – because of a strange tree across the way. (Anne Batmale says that it is a NorfolkPine.) The impression was enhanced when a bird landed on the taller of two poles at the top of the pine. Below the bird, the tree’s precise branches, inverted green umbrellas, were centered on and descending down the trunk, from smaller to larger umbrellas. In the side view, the branches look flat – broad green triangles – arrowheads pointing down and down. Then the bird sitting atop the geometric tree flew away, revealing itself to be a mockingbird: The white spots on its wings made moons cascading through the shutters of its moving wings. Triangle trees... birds that leave white circles in the air...this is a scene from a magical story, a vision in a myth.
Not capturing the mockingbird in flight, I borrowed from the Internet the one superimposed on the photograph above, but the tree is the very tree you see from Paul's window.

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Junk Thief said...

That tree reminds me of the odd sculpting some groomers do on poodles.