Friday, June 15, 2007

Center for the Art of Translation

My path was steered to an organization I had not heard of -- the Center for the Art of Translation that launched its latest collection of translations at an event on 14 June 2007. It is hard to believe someone so young and lively as Olivia E. Sears (below) is in charge of the Center:

It was wonderful to hear the music of so many different languages, followed by translations into English. Mette McCall read the Danish for Carsten Rene Nielsen's delightful poems about creatures -- "Spider," "Lizard," "Elephant," "Octopus," with the translations by David Keplinger read by Michael Carabetta of Chronicle Books.
Ms. McCall:

Daniel Alcaron read the Spanish and the English for a selection from Cuban writer Senez Paz, translated by Tom Christensen:

Carol Cosman read the French for "Luxor, Movie Palace" by Chantal Bizzini, and our former socialistic politician, Matt Gonzalez, now a civil rights lawyer, read the English translation by Brad Anderson:

Anita Sagastegui read the Spanish of Chilean writer Vicente Huidobro, translated by Dan Bellm:

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Junk Thief said...

People often forget that translation really is an art and not a science, the sacred wind blowing between two languages.