Thursday, December 14, 2006

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My Pumpkin Cornbread and a Full Moon Behind a Palm

I suppose everyone knows about the delusionary Christian movement begun by novelists Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, drawing on the Rorschach-like text of the Bible’s Book of Revelation. Their believers expect to experience “the Rapture, when Jesus has taken his people to heaven and left non-believers behind to face the Antichrist.” I suppose their chief persuasive weapon is that any who do not swallow their myth are said to be “Left Behind” – tapping into anyone’s neurotic side, and their fear of abandonment, loss, and separation. I fear for a country where so many are taken in by the simple-minded ideas of such charlatans, especially given the preposterous influence the Christian Right has on U.S. politics. I need something positive to neutralize the terrible boredom and annoyance caused by just hearing about this bullshit. Therefore, I want to encourage others to join me in affirming our happiness at being Left Behind by such people, escaping the company of a bunch of tedious nuts. We lucky Left-Behinders need to send our message to those on their way to “the Rapture”: Go ahead, don’t wait too long, get on out of here, please, and thank you. I don’t know what the Antichrist is, but if you hate it, it must be something I would like immensely. Is there any way we can help you achieve the Rapture? Let us help. I know that there is a good film called “The Rapture,” starring Mimi Rogers that you might like. I don’t exactly like a term like “Antichrist,” even though I know it would be fun to scare you by telling you that I believe in that bogeyman. But I think I would prefer to say, “Go ahead without me. I prefer to be Left Behind with Friends.” I heard on the news tonight that, just in time for me, there is some website called The Blasphemy Challenge, run by The Rational Response Squad. I go there now… Ooo, what wonderful people there are here… the_rational_response_squad_radio_show/3503 - 34k –

(1) On Dec 14, 2006, at 8:17 PM, Marcia Ackerman wrote: Joyful to find another one. I already have started talking to some friends about how, since we are part of the left-behinds, that we’ll be taking over Plumas County and we need to start planning and prepping for the Annual Solar Cook-off, the High Sierra Music Festival, and figuring out how to start cleaning up the mess that was left behind (for the left-behinds?). I’ve never planned this far in advance before. About 6 mos ago I received an email from a (former) friend from a Christian group that raises money to send Jews to Israel, purportedly to make the Jews happy. I decided that the mission of this group was not to make Jews happy, but to send Jews to Israel which helps set up things for rapture. Marcia
(2) Paradise might be a great place, but NOT with those people in it. Just the same, I really wonder what makes them think that any decent, self-respecting god would want them. That should be obvious, and unless those fanatics are downright stupid (even stupider than Bush), they must know it too. So that leaves me wondering: who are they really worshiping? A devil, perhaps. And it would have to be a pretty degenerate devil. Daniel

Could a saintly man be elected president? In 2003, Dennis Kucinich spoke a couple blocks away from where I live, on the steps of the local library, an appearance announced by this poster:

Autumn as Winter Solstice approaches...

Good follow-up to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN -- Patricia Nell Warren's article, "Real Cowboys, Real Rodeos":

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