Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Internal Climate Change

With a friendly game of seesaw, there is playful give-and-take, and dependence on a fulcrum of balance.  If such a reciprocal relationship existed between the parent Earth and its child, the human, an internal change of psychological climate would prevent poisoning the home planet.  It is not news to you that those who feed on the Earth must remain in a proper state of empathy with the Earth.   
Did you ever, when playing, jump off your end of a teeter-totter, to play a trick on your partner, only to have your end of the teeter-totter strike you under the chin?  Avoid such karmic retribution by singing these words set to the ancient Doxology common to many churches and bell towers which began with the words "Praise God in whom all blessings flow." I have done previous versions, but this one, with its dripping cloud, seems also to be praying for rain in California:

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