Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Surprising Pope Francis

The contemptuous term "Hocus Pocus" began as a put-down of "Hoc est Pacem," mocking the Latin that was once used in the Roman Catholic Mass.  There was a seeming "magic" that had good and bad effects on the imagination of myself as a small child.  While I am a "recovering," ex-Catholic atheist, I recognize that in the vast cafeteria of choices available in that church there have always been a number of great political activists struggling for justice and mercy.  With ongoing resistance to that institution, I must hope that the new pope, Francis, will continue to express very un-Catholic opinions so that I must admit that I was particular struck by the following, quoted in TIME magazine, that made me wonder, "Did the Pope arrive at this with native intelligence, or has he been reading Krishnamurti?"

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