Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Before the Discovery of Antidepressants

  Two depressed people before learning of antidepressants -- 
  Feel free to laugh...

   May 1976 [More from Ye Olde Storage Boxes]
       May had come, but there seemed to be a preoccupation
       with dying.  Jacob thought about suicide again.  
       He was back to burning himself alive on the steps
       of the federal building; this time the signs say:
                         SAVE THE DOLPHINS!
                          SAVE THE WHALES!
       How could he explain that this was the same as hoping
       for his next breath.


         He told Rocco (who had just finished months of work on
         plans for another visionary building that he had no hope
         would ever be built) about his suicide, and Rocco said his
         latest suicide was to burn himself in the AIA office.
         Jacob wondered how many people perfect their suicides,
         polishing them on rainy days.  Rocco proposed a movie
         full of nothing but suicide scenes.


   Although I give the world its praise
   I live without hope.
   My necklace is the hanging rope.
   I follow it across my days.

   We come to a final bungalow, beyond
   a tract of bungalows.  It floats on weeds,
   invisibly, where the royal ragged lover reads
   his houses up from a drowning pond.

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