Sunday, July 31, 2011


I doubt if the New York Times will publish this letter I sent them in favor of a sane personal environment:
Thinking thrives in silence, while we are assaulted by continuous noise.  Hoping for silence before sinking into Herzog’s CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS, instead I heard 25  commercials.  Let it not be forgotten that there was a time when movies were not preceded by commercials.  In every public place, you are undermined by some monotonous beat.  Even your doctor’s office has an undercurrent of music that no-one can hear clearly, yet it never ceases.  There are now twice as many loud television commercials in spite of the efforts of Representative Anna Eschoo.  Have people’s brains  been so deadened by continuous noise that they are unable to defend themselves against psychological damage?  Why am I unable to get friends to join me at the movies to generate a chant of “No more commercials!”?  Is there no sound citizen left alive to defend against this danger, among others, from greedy exploiters -- in this case, sound pollution?  CHANT WHEN THEY PLAY COMMERCIALS IN YOUR LOCAL THEATER!

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