Monday, April 25, 2011

Already SOLD: Posters of Nocturnal Dream (& Cockettes) Shows, Early 1970s

I had an entry about old posters available for sale, but they have all been sold.  I assume that the posters can still be seen if you click on the poster below or on the link to them.
If you live in the Bay Area, you may know that the unique stage phenomenon, the Cockettes, that came to life at the Palace Theater in North Beach, San Francisco (during the showing of great and unique films, the Nocturnal Dream Show) at midnight on Saturday nights, in the early 1970s had a miraculous renaissance recently, with their resurrected PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI just ending a 2-year run.
Before that resurgence I had written a nostalgic photo-essay about them in

the May June 2008 issue of the Gay & Lesbian Review.
I am told that the posters I have, that I picked up at the time of the shows, are worth at least $200 a piece.  To survey them, check on the title above to see a slide show.  Most of them are full size posters, but some are smaller and more rare, and there is a postcard and a sheet on Secret Cinema, a theater in the Mission, where the troupe moved after the Palace Theater.  If you are interested in purchasing any, you can leave a note in the comment section on this entry with your email address, which I will keep secret, but I will contact you via email.

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Evmorphia said...

Thank you for your blog. It was wonderful to read about your experience at Maxine Hong Kingston's book event. I read Warrior Woman when I was a student at SFSU in the late 70's early 80's. It is a powerful book.
I look forward to reading her new book. Thanks! Evmorphia