Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caetano Veloso 17 April 2010 San Francisco

Click on the title above to see Caetano Veloso at this 17 April 2010 concert in San Francisco. (Excuse the few obscure pictures of the audience, but I wanted to convey their enthusiasm, finally crowding the edge of the stage.)
Personally I like his dreamy, romantic songs, but they do not truly represent the wild things he does with his voice, especially with his trio of very young musicians who are hard driving, with a beat that seems ritualistic, with Veloso as their slow, shuffle-dancing priest (Pedro Sa, electric guitar; Ricardo Dias Gomes, base and Fender Rhodes; Marcelo Callado, drums). As the booklet for the San Francisco Jazz Spring Season notes, Veloso "has taken on everything from funky samba workouts to ethereal balladry and orchestral pieces." Recently, as demonstrated in this concert, Veloso has "used jittery indie rock in order to process the intense emotions surrounding his divorce..." He now has "an edgier vision..." But you might want to sample the sweeter side, you might copy and sample this from YouTube, from Almodovar's film TALK TO HER: "Cucurrucucu Paloma," or discover pieces of Veloso there:

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