Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Green

A big event to no-one but me in my little domicile....I had a great variety of plants that I nurtured on the balcony at my previous apartment building. I had to pass most of them on to a pleasant young couple in that building. In the new building I found I had very little light for the four plants I brought along. The maidenhair fern thrives in this light, but the bonzai I had nurtured for years was finally down to two leaves, then one leaf, then was irrefutably DEAD. But a guy at the local nursery recommended the first plant below (I need to get the name) that looks so glossy but requires no light and very little water, and my friend Kenneth recommended the second plant, a spathiphyllum, which looks nice against Martha Hubert's painting -- and I am happy again with these new companions. Plants being my only pets, I feel less alone!

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Marmsk said...

Beautifully composed photos.