Monday, January 11, 2010

For Those in the Turtle Tribe

Earth and Its History

Earth island slid about – a turtle
that began a journey of millenniums;
it split into continents that lowered
arms to make peninsulas, with beaches.

Where the land spread and cracked,
rain created lakes. Oceans begat,
along each drifting continent,
the lacey edge of bays and inlets.

Now all wait for the great turtle’s return –
a Oneness that none on earth may see again –
a longed-for perfect fit that might reunite
and reveal the original earth – Pangaea.

Sweet search in every person – Why do we
wait? Children of the Turtle, we are whole,
while divided, complete in the great Heart
revealed because the Earth fell apart.

– James McColley Eilers
copyright 2010

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