Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bush/Obama Transition Sonnet

The time was dark, the mood was blue.
Did Worry grumble in your head? – that fool,
I know, is hard to shake – the darker me and you.
Our careless hours were shackled by the rule,

so long, of men whose arrogance offended.
(While we felt lost, they just don’t feel.)
For our shame and anguish, they pretended
we need only pray, join the Army, steal.

Our godless night is coffin cold, but safe.
No phantoms of regret or hope to rock
our feelings up and down. Just relief.
Here no ranting priest warns us of the shock
of a hot hell, or disdains our childish fright.
Embrace nothing. Love someone. Shine bright.

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Anonymous said...

I love your words AND your pictures, Jim. Thanks for sending this all to me. Mary Lou