Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Morphed

It is wonderful to be in Oakland where the population could not be more various, and everyone talks to everyone else (Sorry, San Francisco, you were not very demonstrative on this happy day, 5 November 2008, following the evening when Barack Obama became President-Elect).  Oakland was especially grand and loving today.  Everywhere people were expressing their happiness, sometimes almost tearful again after admitting how they laughed and cried with joy at the moment when his election was confirmed.  Even before his election, I was seeing paintings that were tributes to Obama, as if he were already historical, every time I went to hear a speaker at the Center for the Art of Translation in San Francisco.  The last time I was there, this was on the wall:

The First Family:

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The Blue Elephant said...

Since this entry, I have learned that the morphed Obama/Lincoln was created by pop artist Ron English, whose work is detailed in "Abraham Obama," a film by Kevin Chapados.