Monday, October 20, 2008

A World-Wide Country Song

Not "high art" poetry, and having a non-theist point of view, there is no place where I could publish A WORLD-WIDE COUNTRY SONG -- but I have my own blog! So....


Some people have a friend in Jesus.
I can’t say the same.
I’ve got a buddy here and there.
None you would know by name.

Some people wrap themselves in a flag.
They would never set that cloth aflame,
yet friends are burned in wars that flag
inspires – friends that will never be the same.

It’s all one country when nations disappear –
Will you walk this way? Be human, please?
Buddy to buddy, person to person – How clear!
Only one by one are we steppingstones to peace.

I love the nature nearby – the earth I know –
or wild beauty anywhere that some will kill to “tame” –
On people, too, elsewhere and here, they stake a claim;
pollute everyone’s dreams with blood and shame.

Every flag, when caught in the wind, dances prettily.
But worship a flag, and Earth becomes your broken toy.
I never saw the saviours that others seem to see,
but I see their followers, who love – love to destroy.

Officials will be less dangerous when we are all self-led –
Dear friends, be bright, aware, compassionate, please.
Let the people they say “would be better off dead”
walk with us, human to human links of peace.

copyright James McColley Eilers, October 2008

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