Monday, September 08, 2008

Kafka and the Great Wall of Soros

I sent this email to the Open Society Institute & Soros Foundation Network:

It would be great if all great and immense charitable organizations had their employees read and post nearby Kafka's THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, a parable about a simple peasant who has a crucial message for the Emperor, but can never hope to reach his ear to impart that secret. I feel that urgency -- and that despair.
On last Friday's BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, showing the distress of U.S. National Guard families, the most horrifying moment was when a woman accepted her husband's absence from family and exposure to death and killing in Iraq because she felt she must be resigned, as he was "bringing to others the freedom we enjoy." At this date, after the epic tragedy of U.S. hubris, such ignorance is worthy of a howl in a Greek tragedy.
Of course, Moyers could not intrude on that pain with the true facts. And, even at that, how many U.S. citizens watch Bill Moyers Journal on Friday nights -- the only moment in media where they would be exposed to some modicum of the truth. The disturbing facts are well documented in the plethora of recent documentaries -- seen only by liberals in urban areas of the U.S.
With our situation desparate, the only answer is an impossible one -- that national media show those documentaries (some of them listed below), and, of course, that is not going to happen. The only solution -- that even the great, progressive and generous George Soros could not effect -- would be a national television network that would provide the U.S. public the true facts -- desperate and horrifying, but not facing them only leads to more desperate and horrible happenings as what is clearly the downward slide of the U.S. out of any kind of moral code into something resembling Hitler's dream of a Third Reich where torture and murder are accepted as commonplace.
Does anyone at the Soros Foundation have an answer to this message -- that falls short, I know, of reaching the Emperor's ear - will not even get past the first gate leading to the impenetrable inner sanctum of power? If only I could show the Emperor these documentaries, surely he would hock his last royal robes to assure that they will be seen by all U.S. Americans: No End in Sight....Why We Fight....Body of War....Winter Soldier.... When the Mountains Tremble.... Internationally Speaking... Iraq for Sale.... The Ground Truth....Our Brand is Crisis....Sir No Sir.... Fahrenheit name just a few of the great films. Also, The Power of Nightmare. Also, certain fictional accounts: The Valley of Elah, Badland (2007).
Well...Onward and Downward....

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