Sunday, June 15, 2008


I suppose everyone has the problem of being overwhelmed by emails, especially regularly issued bulletins they subscribe to but don't always have time to read. I mark them as "Junk," and then periodically I check down the Junk mail to see if I have time to open one of those less personal messages. I urge you to mark any "Latest additions to the Blue Elephant" as JUNK MAIL (or the equivalent on your machine) if you have not done that already. Most people with blogs are not so intrusive as to call attention to their blogs with such alerts! In addition, I will not be in the least offended if someone asks me to remove them from THE BLUE ELEPHANT mailing list -- It is so impersonal anyway. I won't be offended either if they ask to be added to that mailing list. I fell into blogging as I like to share things, but it is such a drag to go through my address book and select names each time I want to share something with friends. So...please...Into the JUNK bin with the Blue Elephant! --

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