Friday, May 09, 2008

A Code Pink Fundraiser

Thanks to my buddy Martha H., I enjoyed being present for a fundraising evening for Code Pink in Berkeley. I wondered why the wonderful comedian Marga Gomez was standing outside with the rest of us waiting for the doors to open, but it was because she was there as an audience member in favor of Code Pink. But Anne Lamott saw her and recruited her for the program, and, on the spur of the moment, a consummate performer, she did a great "set" that had everyone roaring with laughter.
As Medea Benjamin had just come back from Iraq exploring the dilemma of the millions of displaced Iraqis -- some of her tragic accounts conveyed to us second hand -- she could not attend, as planned, because she was to be part of a panel the next day in Washington, D.C., to discuss the refugee tragedy.
I always love being at these gatherings of activist women, fresh from political action, taking a night to celebrate their solidarity -- and their sisterhood.
As usual, Annie Lamott had great comic timing as she read passages from her comic novels, and Maria Muldaur sang her way through various kinds of songs, and really wailed on "Send Me Someone to Love," receiving a standing ovation. The energy was high for everyone.

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mouse (aka kimy) said...

sounds like a wonderful evening....I love annie lamott's books - she can crack me up like few others....and maria muldaur - there's a flash from the past! haven't heard of here in eons!

solidarity forever! hugs, dear elephant. xxxmouse.