Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unofficially, the Jim Eilers Park

After a lively discussion at tai chi breakfast, Fred G. and I went to see a Potrero Avenue show by a friend of his, Michael Staley (www.michaelstaleydesigns.com) whose art process is strange, and yet results in beautiful things. He covers everything with buttons! For me, it worked especially on the frames of mirrors. Then, before going to a movie, as it was a sunny day, Fred said, "Where can we go?" I said, "Too bad there is no park in this area." Then I remembered: "I will show you a park you have never heard about," and I directed Fred by a tortuous route (I want to use that word now that Fred has pointed out that people often use 'torturous' where they mean 'tortuous') beyond 3rd Street and along the last little fragment of 24th Street.

I could not be offended, and I had to laugh myself as I knew what Fred meant when he laughed and said, "I hate to say this, but this is so Jim Eilers." We surmised that someone had cast a lot of seeds for native California flowers, as there was a wealth of them, as well as a lot of weeds. We discovered some mosaic pieces, half-submerged under weeds and dirt so that someone had tried at some time to bring some beauty to the place. "I see the place as hope," I said. "Hope that someday this funky little park will be surrounded by civilization instead of an industrial wasteland." Here was the picturesque view at the water's edge of the park:
The name of the park is the Something Something "Cove" -- until I look for its real name, I am going to call it Blue Elephant Cove.

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