Friday, August 24, 2007

Michael Vick, American

I have sent this "letter to the editor" to four newspapers, but I am sure none will publish it, so I am entering it here:

You can make a dark game of reading the obvious personal agenda of each person who comments on footballer Michael Vick, when what we might hope to hear are voices urging the court to require extensive psychotherapy for a man whose behavior is pathological. That is the heart of the matter, not whether he should be allowed to play football again, or what will be the length of his jail time. We don't hear that point of view because the country itself is sick with its addiction to bloodlust sports, indifferent to, or delighted with, how that bloody circus destroys the minds and bodies of the "entertainers." It is only a step away from there to watching Marine juries dismissing fellow Marines for the murder and rape of innocent Iraqis. As football addicts sidestep the true horror of Vick's behavior, we see that Vick and his story is what most Americans want their sons to emulate, innoculating them for the murders they will have to commit while "bringing democracy" to the earth. Urge full psychotherapy for Michael Vick before he moves on from torturing and killing dogs to torturing and killing humans.


SWagner said...

Ah, but if he had effective psychotherapy, he may lose his effectiveness as a football player. In which case, he would then sue the court system for loss of income! So, what's a few pets lost for the greater good of football in America.

The Blue Elephant said...

Heavy on the irony!