Thursday, November 16, 2006

For Children of the Turtle

A turtle wandered into Martha Hubert and Thom Burnham's back yard, and became a beloved presence in their garden, until a raccoon killed it. In memory of Martha's turtle, and how it survives as a meaning in her life....Not published, and so still a draft:


A continent lowers an arm –
a peninsula – that breaks away; becomes
an island. The island slips away,
a turtle that begins a journey of milleniums.

Where the land spreads and cracks,
rain creates a lake. Each ocean begets
along each drifting continent
a lacey edge of bays or inlets.

All await the turtle’s return – that
piece of earth none will ever see – a
perfect fit that might reunite and reveal
an image of the original earth, Pangea.

Or is it in each human, this turtle we await?
Children of the Turtle, we are whole
in our division, complete in the great Heart
discovered when the Earth fell apart.

-- James McColley Eilers, copyright 2006

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